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Outdoor fun and adventure park for everyone in nature’s beauty with great gathering for group events & bonding activities, schools educational & fun trips, birthdays events and more

Indoor little ones playground

Spa pampering activities for little divas

Star Club  – Disco and themed birthdays for futuristic teens

Adventure park with amazing breathtaking

Our farm provides kids and adults the opportunity to get up close and personal with a range of farm animals

let's go exploring @ Byblos Nature

It all started with a childhood dream, Living gracious moments at our grandparent house surrounded by Lebanese nature and untouched beauty, exploring with curiosity how the nature communicate , how birds vocalize and how animals express emotions.

As children we looked not at the world’s limitations, but at the vast possibilities it had to offer.  When we grow up, many of us lose that wide-eyed wonder and see the world as a series of set rules. Innovation is as simple as going back to our childlike curiosity, forgetting the rules, and dreaming the impossible.

A dream started with Byblos Nature, a simple yet innovative dreamy childhood adventure park where we wanted every child in our community to experience the same childhood moments we cherished.

 Soon the dream grew, and why not let everyone enjoy and explore the beauty of Mehrine.  We wanted BMEHRINE to become an inspiring destination adding “THE INN “bungalows, “Cassia” the sublime event restaurants and an additional “kids indoor playground” to Byblos Nature

Welcome to Byblos nature @ BMEHRINE

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo Da Vinci
Once upon a time, I had a dream.
Bmehrine has been a journey for us, years in the making. It is not a standard adventure park and camps with educational activities, we are so much more.  

For every decision we have made on this journey, it has been a decision made from the heart – to be able to provide A place that is creative and inspires the love of learning in each child. A place that has a balance of fun, laughter, play, creative arts and a genuine focus on children’s learning. A place which has friendly, happy, passionate and welcoming team who have a genuine love for children and their learning outcomes.

Welcome to Byblos Nature @Bmehrine

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